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- Self examine your system once a month to make sure there is no excessive water and/or swampy grass in an area
- If an area is wetter than usual, turn your sprinkler water valve of for a couple of days and see of that particular area dries up. If the area dries up, it is part of the sprinkler system. Call for repair: 847-359-6073
- Keep an eye on your irrigation computer box to make sure the time and date has not reset its self. This is most common during a power outage.
- Your shutoff has a labeled Auto-Matic sprinkler tag. ONLY turn off in case of an EMERGENCY. When the water is off, the lever is perpendicular to the pipe. When the water is on, the lever is parallel to the pipe. When turning the water on, make sure to turn the lever SLOW until it gets into that parallel position. If you have a gate valve (circle) turn it all the way to the right for live water. To shut the water off with a gate valve, turn it all the left to the left tightly.
- We recommend a mid-season check to get the proper coverage during the hot summers.
- If there is a broken sprinkler head on a zone, you can turn the time off that zone and still operate the rest of your system using the control panel.
- Ask us about a rain sensor because it is a great way to save money through out each year of watering.


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Auto-matic Lawn Sprinklers believes in providing the best service possible. We are a family owned business that believes in extending our family-oriented teamwork in each job we take on. What we hope to gain through-out each year of servicing your sprinkler system is your complete satisfaction and trust. Communication is a huge key in making sure your vision and expectations of the project are done correctly. At Auto-matic we offer EMERGENCY SERVICE, and make sure our office representatives are close by the phone in case of an emergency. Each irrigation tech with the company has at least 8 years experience with hands on field work and is knowledgeable on trouble shooting new and existing systems. Larry, the owner, has been involved in the irrigation business for over 35 years. Since he built this company from the ground up, we strive hard to maintain successful client relationships.  We feel the only way to please our clientele is to understand their vision, and derive a plan to within a budget to execute it. There are no short cuts when you're dealing with pressurized water. Our irrigation team will make you feel safe and at ease by providing our great and honest services. Our main concern is that you are satisfied with our services provided each and every time we show up at your household. Auto-matic Lawn Sprinklers appreciates your continued business, and we look forward to servicing your sprinkler system this year!

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