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Irrigation Systems Services in Lincolnshire, IL

Auto-Matic Lawn Sprinkler Systems Inc. has over 40 years of experience in irrigations systems services. Locally owned and operated in Palatine, IL, we are licensed, bonded, and insured to perform a wide variety of installation, repair, and maintenance services to your irrigation systems.  

Seasonal Irrigation Services

Many people primarily think about irrigation services for the summer months when they are more likely to water their lawns or gardens. However, for a safe and effective irrigation system, maintenance is required throughout the year.

Before summer irrigation begins, we can turn on your irrigation systems in the spring. When you’re finished watering before winter comes, we can do fall system shutdowns. We also recommend a mid-season check during the summer to get proper coverage all season long.

For more rainy times of the year, we can install wireless rain sensors. These sensors prevent overwatering. They also save water and money by using the weather to your advantage.

Year-Round Irrigation Services

Other irrigation services aren’t necessarily tied to specific times of the year. We offer emergency services and repairs at any time so that you aren’t wasting water or risking floods.

Some of the other irrigations systems services we provide include:

  • Defective sprinkler head replacement
  • Existing system revision for better coverage
  • Irrigation controller installation and programming
  • Leak repairs
  • Reduce pressure zone replacement
  • Root obstruction clearing
  • Sprinkler head re-routing
  • Stay right or simmer pump installation
  • Underground valve replacement

Proactive updates and maintenance service to your irrigation systems can save you money in water bills and can prevent larger irrigation problems down the line. In addition to professional services, we recommend that you examine your irrigation system once a month to check for leaks or pooling.

When you hire us for your irrigations systems services, we will be transparent throughout the whole process. We will explain any complications or updates you may need to know about your system. Plus, quotes are always free.

Begin with a free estimate or schedule your service today by calling (847) 359-6073.

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Spring Turn-Ons & Fall Shut Downs
Emergency Service & Repairs
Over 40 Years of Experience
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Our Services

  • Spring turn ons & Fall shut downs
  • Replacing defective sprinkler heads
  • Mid-season service
  • Repairing leaks and root obstructions
  • Revising existing systems and re-routing sprinkler heads for better coverage
  • Reduce Pressure Zone (RPZ) replacement with warranty
  • Underground valve replacement 
  • Installation and programming of irrigation controller
  • Wireless rain sensor installation
  • Stay right or simmer pump installation​

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